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A receipe for JASMINE WONG

A spoonful of wishful thinking,

A dash of magic,

And a heart of gold.

Jasmine Wong          

Hi, I’m currently a marketing executive at
Big 3 Media. With a bachelor’s degree in Communication Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, I am well versed in graphic design.

Though I may look shy at first glance, I can quickly turn into a sassy jester after getting comfortable. My motto in life is to try everything and discover the wonders of design.

I am not afraid to admit my flaws and inabilities, though I compensate that with my ready to learn personality. I am a detail orientated person who values a well-used planner, while am also flexible enough to change plans.

Want to get to know me and see how I do my work?
Write me an email, and we can talk over coffee. :)

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The Story of Dolce         


A mash up of a cookbook and a history book, The Story of Dolce aims to educate the public about the history of traditional western sweets.

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