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Betflix is a subcategory of Netflix that shows users their latest upcoming seasons of Netflix Originals and allows users to share and put wages on their opinions on how the ending would be before the season release of a particular Netflix original.

People often use binge by themselves and do not engage much with friends and family. This may also but caused by the fear of “spoilers and the lack of “fandom” community in the mainstream media.

With Betflix, we aim to  create a social media competition between friends to help them engage with one another while watching their favourite Netflix Originals.

How it works         

1. A subcategory would be made in both the Netflix website and app, promoting the latest and upcoming season of the Netflix Originals.

2. In this subcategory, a promotional trailer as well as details of the latest season will be shown.

3. At the bottom of the page, a question related to the ending of the season would be shown.

4. A text box will be provided to allow users to type out their theories and opinions of the ending of the season.

5. After pressing enter, another text box would appear, allowing users to type in their wages to bet their friends.

6. Social media icons would be shown at the bottom of the screen to prompt users to share their opinions.

7. When the user click the social media icon, they will be immediately directed to the social media page with all the answers and wagers written already.

8. Users are allowed to tag someone and post online.